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Boy Scout Troop 132
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Boy Scouts Troop 132 Schedule 2017

Boy Scouts Troop 132 Schedule 2017
3-Jan Troop Committee Meeting (Leader Event)
9-Jan Personal Management MB 
9-Jan Troop Meeting 
10-Jan PLC 
14-Jan University of Scouting - Adult Leader Event 
23-Jan Chess Merit Badge 
23-Jan Personal Management MB 
23-Jan Troop Meeting 
27-Jan Del-Mi District Winter Camporee - Gold Rush Games
30-Jan **REMINDER: Meeting for all Life to Eagle Scouts 6 
30-Jan Troop Meeting 
6-Feb Troop Meeting 
7-Feb Troop Committee Meeting (Leader Event)
10-Feb Toboggan Run at Pokagon Outing
13-Feb Troop Elections! 
15-Feb PLC 
24-Feb Pack 136 Rope Bridge and Crossover 
25-Feb Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser 
26-Feb Pack 188 Crossover Ceremony 
26-Feb Pack 132 Rope Bridge at Crossover 
27-Feb Troop Meeting 
4-Mar TLT 
5-Mar Pack 197 Crossover 
6-Mar Parent Orientation #1 
6-Mar Life Scouts Meeting - Presentation from Eagle Scouts
6-Mar Troop Meeting 
7-Mar Troop Committee Meeting (Leader Event)
10-Mar Del-Mi Merit Badge University 
13-Mar Personal Management MB and Law MB 
13-Mar Parent Orientation #2 
13-Mar Troop Meeting 
15-Mar PLC 
18-Mar Scouting for Food 
20-Mar Parent Orientation #3 
20-Mar Troop Meeting 
24-Mar Camp Maumee 
27-Mar Law MB and Disability Awareness MB 
27-Mar Troop Meeting 
10-Apr Law MB, Disability Awareness MB and Pioneering MB 
10-Apr Troop Meeting 
11-Apr Troop Committee Meeting (Leader Event)
12-Apr PLC 
15-Apr Public Speaking MB 
15-Apr Pioneering MB 
17-Apr Parent Module: Do's & Don'ts 
17-Apr Troop Meeting 
21-Apr Del Mi Spring Camporee 
24-Apr Disability MB 
24-Apr Court of Honor 
29-Apr Donny Woodcock's Eagle Court of Honor 
1-May Camp and Canoe swim test A 
2-May Troop Committee Meeting (Leader Event)
6-May GTO Scout Fundraiser 
7-May Canoe Training I 
8-May Troop Meeting 
10-May PLC 
13-May Canoe Training - II 
15-May Troop Meeting 
15-May MB Counselor Training 
21-May First Class Navigation Requirements Day Trip 
22-May Personal Fitness MB 
22-May Troop Meeting 
22-May Citizenship in World MB (EAGLE REQUIRED) 
24-May Last Day of School - Carmel Clay 
27-May Climbing Lock In 
1-Jun Turtle Flambeau Gear Check Mandatory Please 
3-Jun Turtle Flambeau Flowage Canoe 
6-Jun Troop Committee Meeting (Leader Event)
12-Jun Troop Meeting 
19-Jun Troop Meeting 
26-Jun Game Design MB 
26-Jun Programming MB 
26-Jun Troop Meeting 
28-Jun PLC 
3-Jul Troop Meeting and Gear Check 
4-Jul 4th of July parade 
9-Jul Ransburg Summer Camp 
12-Jul PLC 
18-Jul National Scout Jamboree 
24-Jul Troop Meeting 
31-Jul Troop Meeting 
31-Jul Troop Meeting 
7-Aug Troop Meeting 
8-Aug Troop Committee meeting 
14-Aug Troop Meeting 
18-Aug Water Outing 
21-Aug Troop Meeting 
23-Aug PLC 
27-Aug Summer Court of Honor 
28-Aug Troop Meeting 
31-Aug Pack 132 Joining Night Project 
5-Sep Troop Committee meeting (Leader Event)
8-Sep service project at Carmel Friends Church 
9-Sep service project at Carmel Friends Church 
9-Sep Troop Leadership Training 
11-Sep Webelo Recruiting Night 
13-Sep PLC 
18-Sep Troop Meeting 
25-Sep Troop Meeting 
29-Sep Feast of the Hunter's Moon Outing
2-Oct Adult training 
2-Oct Troop Meeting 
3-Oct Troop Committee meeting (Leader Event)
9-Oct Troop Meeting 
11-Oct PLC 
23-Oct Troop Meeting 
27-Oct First Year Overnight and Hike (Patrol Event)
28-Oct Halloween and STEM Webelo Recruiting Outing 
30-Oct Troop Meeting 
6-Nov Troop Meeting 
7-Nov Troop Committee meeting (Leader Event)
8-Nov PLC 
13-Nov Troop Meeting 
17-Nov Cave Outing 
20-Nov Webelo Recruiting Night 
27-Nov Troop Meeting 
4-Dec Troop Meeting 
5-Dec Troop Committee meeting (Leader Event)
11-Dec Court of Honor 
13-Dec PLC 
18-Dec Troop Meeting 
27-Dec Michigan outing 
Troop meetings are every Monday unless there is no school in Carmel. Meetings are every Monday in the summer except for the week the Troop is at Ransburg.
Troop Committee meetings and Patrol Leaders' Council (PLC) meet once a month.
Troop Leadership Training occurs after each election (twice yearly).
Merit Badges are taught in small groups by troop members. Each badge meets a few times. Many are offered during troop meetings.

Activities, Events, Challenges, and Civic Service

Boy Scouting with Troop 132 in Carmel.

Carmel Boy Scouts pick a wide variety of camping and outing experiences year-in and year-out.  The boys often select an annual program that incorporates high adventure summer trips such as back-country canoeing in the Minnesota boundary waters, backpacking in the mountains, caving, water sports, cycling, horseback riding, shotgun and rifle shooting, winter camping, skiing, and of course, summer camp.