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Boy Scout Troop 132
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History of Carmel Boy Scout Troop 132

Originally established in the 1970's.  After a period of inactivity, Carmel Troop 132 was reformed in 1979 under Scoutmaster Don B.  Don served as Scoutmaster for five years and started a tradition of excellent Boy Scouting.  Our current Scoutmaster, Mike Elliott, has been serving since January 2011.  Since 1979, more than 55 boys from Troop 132 have earned the rank of Eagle Scout.

The Patrol Method

In keeping with BSA policy, BSA Troop 132 is run by its youth members.  The troop organization follows the Patrol Method.  Boys are members of Patrols, each with its own name and leadership: the Patrol Leader and Assistant Patrol Leader.  Leading the Troop is the responsibility of the Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) and his assistant (ASPL).  Various other troop level positions, such as Quartermaster, Librarian, Chaplain Aide, Scribe, Webmaster, Leave No Trace instructor, and Historian help the troop run effectively.  Patrols camp and cook together on outings and occasionally gather for Patrol activities outside of the scheduled troop activities.  Youth leaders (Senior Patrol Leader, Assistant Senior Patrol Leader, Patrol Leaders, Ass’t Patrol Leaders) gather once a month with the Scoutmaster as the Patrol Leaders Council.  The PLC, chaired by the Senior Patrol Leader, establishes Troop Meeting themes and plans and assigns Patrol responsibility for setup, skill training, opening/closing ceremonies, and cleanup for the coming month's meetings.

The youth members of the troop elect the junior leaders twice yearly.  Troop Leadership Training, using approved BSA methods and materials, follows each election.  The youth leadership chairs and staffs the troop's Annual Planning Conference.  The Planning Conference establishes the general activity schedule for the next 12 months.  From this plan the Troop's activity calendar is developed.

Adult participation in the troop's activities is by intent to be a guidance and teaching role.  Adults play a major role in the behind-the-scenes planning and performance of the Troop.